Nothing worth having was ever achieved without effort.
~Theodore Roosevelt


My apologies….and excitement!

For any of you who actually enjoy reading my ramblings and nonsense. I want to take a brief moment to apologize for my absence. The only reason I say “brief” is because I’ve been so terribly busy with schoolwork and doing the mom thing and the wife thing and all that, that I simply haven’t just sat down for a minute. Writing is a process and I kind of enjoy it so I tend to get “stuck” here for awhile.

So, I want to take a minute to get you excited about something I am starting. I have been pondering doing this for awhile and though I do not exactly have an abundance of time on my hands, I had the funds available to start this venture and so I did it. At some point in  your life you just have to STOP thinking and, as Nike said…JUST DO IT!

Just DO IT

So here it is. After my recent FAIL at my “anti-hibernation mode” bit (if you haven’t been following, I embarked on a 3 week challenge with myself to kick my butt into gear and began a rigorous workout routine), I decided to finally take the plunge and become a Beach Body Coach. I feel like this is an awesome opportunity that I’ve stumbled upon and I hope I can make it work. I am still learning the ropes and it’s been hard, especially with my hubby out of town this week because I have even LESS time than usual (if that’s even possible). Basically, I am going to help people get in shape, while I get in shape too. For those of you that I’ve “coached” in the gym before, you know this is RIGHT up my alley….and it’s going to allow me to make a little extra money (and has the potential to make me a LOT of extra money) in the process of doing something I love. So, I entered into a challenge with my sponsor coach, Tina, and I will be drinking Shakeology once a day and working out using a program called ChaLEAN Extreme! I’m super excited to start this program because I’ve seen AMAZING results and quite frankly, everyone that talks about it has so many good things to say about it!

ChaLEAN Extreme…Check it out!

Andy is traveling in Colorado Springs this week and he took the camera (and my phone camera sucks)…but you better believe, one way or another I will be taking before and after pictures and posting them because I can’t WAIT to tell my story!

Are You?? 🙂

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See You Soon!


Anti-Hibernation Mode: FAIL!!!!

So I hate that I have to write this….but my 3 week plan just became a 2 week plan as I’ve recently sustained an injury that is most likely going to keep me off of the treadmill for the rest of the week!

I will tell you, I was feeling awesome on Friday when I weighed in at 132lbs (that’s 3 down!), BUT some weird things have happened the last few days and I cannot really explain why. I’ve gained like, 5 lbs in the last 5 days and I’m kind of depressed because I cannot fathom why this has happened. I’m going to wait this out and get back to an old routine as soon as I’m able to run again (and even walk gracefully) and if I can’t rectify this situation, I may just end up having to go to the doctor because I have never in my life gained that much weight that quickly! I am trying not to make excuses or self-diagnose, but my momma does have a thyroid issue and I have some symptoms, but I’m just not convinced of that. SO, for the time being, I’m just being mindful of what goes in my body and staying as healthy as I can.

Wish me luck!

….I’ll try to post something more enjoyable this week when I get a bulk of my homework done! (I feel like I’m on the right track as of today, but that could always change…being slightly immobile should help in that matter!)

Anti-Hibernation Mode: Day 9

Week 2 Day 2 of my little experiment is in full swing! I must apologize in advance for the brief nature of this blog as I started my fall (and FINAL) semester yesterday and I’ve found that I’ve got quite a bit of work to do! I’m feeling very overwhelmed already, so until I get a feel for my teachers and how much time it will take to complete the weekly workloads, I may not be posting as often, but I will definitely keep you updated on my progress if you’ve been following! Hopefully, I’ll get the opportunity to write about some other things as well…but it appears as though I have a lot of writing to do as it is, so we’ll see what happens! I’ll do my best!

So the update is that I haven’t lost any weight. I don’t know HOW that is possible with how much I sweat my booty off on my workout days. I actually think I am not eating enough, so today I woke up early to get some homework done and therefore, started my meals earlier and have been eating every 2-3 hours…and yesterday the ONLY thing I drank was water (besides one cup of coffee).

Yesterday I had my first day “back” to the gym after a two day break. My body was ready…more ready than I was! The cardio workout was MUCH easier this week which was great because I was able to challenge myself a little more. I paced myself at a 4mph walk and an 8 then 8.5, then 9…then 9.5mph run. For my second cardio session I also did more jogging and running than last week. I did a total of 3 miles all together. So I did 3 miles in 30 minutes which isn’t GREAT time if you’re trying for speed, but I think for doing intervals it’s great since I was walking (fast) half the time!

Another thing I did a little differently this week was to try lower weights. I actually really enjoy strength training, so last week I was doing heavier weights because, well….I can. Yesterday I mainly worked with the 5 and 10lb weights so that I would pause less, treating it more like the circuit it is meant to be as I’m doing 20 reps of everything. You have to be careful with weights and always remember to use them safely. I know when my muscles need to rest so the heavier weights forced me to “rest” more often. If you’re working with weights you should start heavy and always be prepared to go down…at least that’s what Earla always said (my kickboxing instructor at McGuire….LOVED that class so much!). The main thing is to be able to FINISH your reps. If you can’t do that with the weight you’ve chosen, then your weight is too heavy. I like to just have an assortment readily available and that way I challenge myself with the heavier weights and then drop down to complete the set if need be. If I have them close by, there’s not much pause in my workout…unless my muscles are just exhausted…which is what I was trying to avoid yesterday.

Ok, these peer reviews are not going to read themselves and magically whisper into my ear and tell me what to write for all my assignments, so, without further ado, I will measure myself and post the “stats” which, disappointedly, I don’t think have changed (but it’s only been a week…as I’ve said before, it’s hard to get “quick” results so that’s why I’m calling this an experiment to see if I CAN have some quick results).

I weighed myself earlier and I was still 135 so I’m assuming I still am! 😉

Hips: 34.5″

Waist: 31.5″

Thigh: 20″

Arm (Bicep): 10″

Chest: 33″

I’m not sure what this looks like in relation to my last measurements at the moment. However, I know my chest measurement came out bigger and I guess I should have made sure I did all measurements the same exact way I did them before. You live, you learn. If I ever post measurements again, I’ll have my husband do the measurements for me!

Anyway, time is money and money is time….ciao!

Anti-Hibernation Mode: Day 5…Don’t drink your Calories!

Well, I’ve survived my first 5 days of workouts on the Bizzy diet and Fitness Plan! Smooth sailing is on the schedule for this weekend as I have two “off” days (in which I’ll be staying active in some way, shape, or form). On Monday I will do some measurements and see if I’ve made any progress.


((Linkin Park has been helping me get through my workouts the last few days…especially this song for some reason. It’s a little slow for a workout song, but I think it’s the Intro that gets me pumped when it comes on and I’m running.)) If you’re struggling with a workout, I strongly suggest finding some music that gets you pumped…you’d be surprised the power of the right song when you’re feeling like you just can’t go any further…


As far as progress goes, I’m not really sure I’m confident that in a week I’ve really made any other than the fact that I feel great when I finish my workout and it feels good to get back on the saddle. I’ve said before that I am not taking the diet portion of this program seriously, I’m just trying to be more mindful of what I eat. Therefore, this may have an impact on what happens. It’s hard to get results in a quick fashion so if nothing else, I hope I come out of this with motivation and as I’ve said before, in my “groove.”

Nothing much to report except my legs and abs have been sore…gosh, what a little squatting and lunging can do! I have also been doing some crunches with my lower body workout, which don’t usually make me that sore, so the soreness is more than likely due to the high reps and my body being already exhausted when I get to that point.

Drink Water!!

One thing that has been a struggle with me this week for sure is drinking my calories! At one point in my life I really restricted myself to ONLY drinking water. In more recent years I have become slightly more lax about this, but when I was working, I carried a water bottle (my notorious CamelBak filter water bottle!) with ice cold water in it at all times. It was like an attachment and I would literally run around work from room to room at the end of the day to find it if I left it somewhere or didn’t know where it was! No worries though, EVERYONE knew whose it was! 🙂 When I’m home, I don’t utilize my water bottle nearly as much and I’m not really sure why. This week, in particular, I’ve been plagued with a sore throat…it’s been horrible…especially since ALL I want to drink is soda because the carbonation feels SO good on my throat! However, on a positive note, I haven’t had any wine or beer for about a week…even when my husband asks me to have a drink with him! This is pretty big for me because I usually do have a few drinks with him at the end of the day…at least several times a week.

Eat Breakfast to jumpstart your metabolism and your day! Make sure you choose wisely!…Your choices tend to get progressively worse as the day goes on…

Breakfast. Coffee…and I don’t drink it without cream! However, I haven’t had much of that this week either. My go-to breakfast since I decided to do Jamie Eason’s LiveFit/eat clean challenge a few months back: Egg whites. I love, love, love concocting a little scrambled egg whites with tomatoes and onions and what-not in the mornings! Two days ago I used some left-over homemade bruschetta and mixed it with two egg whites. I popped it in the microwave in a small (dip-sized) pyrex dish for about a minute and voila! Perfect size to put on a whole wheat English Muffin and a half of a slice of swiss cheese. Yum-0! Today was a little boring, but I actually got the chance to go to the gym this morning and didn’t want to stuff myself beforehand so…FiberOne cereal…I’m not sure what it’s called but it has almonds and oat clusters in it so it’s RIGHT up my alley!! I’ve also been taking a multivitamin, CLA, and a fat burner which I’m not totally sure is working other than it has decreased my appetite…again, I’m not sure if its working or not and decreasing my appetite to the point that I actually forget to eat lunch (happened several times this week) is not necessarily a good thing.

A pretty common thing to find on my plate in the morning! If you’re in a crunch for time, try some oatmeal or a healthy cereal. Cottage cheese is a good option and a good source of protein as well! 

SO–If you’re reading this and looking for what else you can do to lose weight, it’s all in the title…do NOT drink your calories. Do as I say, not as I do! 🙂 I can almost guarantee that if I drink water and only water, I could drop 5lbs fairly easily and quickly. Another thing you need to remember is to eat! Like I said, I’m not sure the fat burner is a good thing if I’m literally forgetting to eat because the only way to lose weight is to keep your metabolism strong during the day. Your metabolism is fed by the food you eat so eat often and eat well. Most importantly, eat breakfast…you’re mother was not kidding when she told you it was the most important meal of the day!


10 Ways to Drink Water. Mio is GREAT too btw! (If you’re feeling run down, Mio Energy works! It helped me through a workout this week when I really needed and extra push!!)


Here are some water facts to back up my claims!

1.  Water helps you lose weight.  Water keeps flushing out the bad stuff that is in your body.  Water also helps to reduce hunger because you fill your tummy up with water and you don’t want to put anything else in there.

2.  Water is a natural remedy for headaches.  I’ve experienced this one in a HUGE way.  I get headaches a LOT.  I finally figured out it was because I wasn’t drinking enough water.  I started drinking more and my headaches started to be around less frequently.  I won’t say it’s a cure all because it isn’t.  It just HELPS in a REALLY BIG WAY.

3.  Water helps keep your skin refreshed and looking younger.  Water keeps the skin moist and fresh looking.

4.  Water keeps you more productive.  Your brain is made up of mostly water.  Thus, by replenishing what is lost throughout the day, you keep your brain refreshed and hydrated.

5.  Water helps improve workout sessions.  Who couldn’t use a little help during a workout????  Water keeps you refreshed while you sweat the calories away.

6.  Water keeps you regular, if you know what I mean.  🙂  Your digestive health will be improved just by drinking water.  Like with Reason #1, water keeps things moving through your system.

7.  Water helps keep you healthy.  Drinking water helps keep away those kidney stones and the flu and other ailments that might come up.  Just like with headaches, it’s not a cure all, but it certainly helps.

8.  Water relieves fatigue.  Just like with #5 and your workout sessions, water helps get you through the day with more energy.  Toxins also weigh you down and water flushes those nasty things out.

9.  Water helps your body feel good!!  Your mood will improve because your body feels better.

((Stolen from a blog (i think) or something I found quickly when I looked up “water”….the girl that wrote it is a beach body coach, which is on my list of things to do!))


What are you waiting for?!?!?! Get off your tushie and grab a glass of water!!

Anti-Hibernation Mode: Day 2

I do not plan on posting every day while I go on this venture, but after my first workout yesterday, I felt compelled to write and tell you how it all went. Let me just put it this way…at the beginning of my workout, I felt like this….

I GOT this!!

By the end of my workout, I felt like this….

Heeeeaaaaallllllpppppp meeee!

Nothing worth doing is easy, so this must be worth it! As I suspected, the absolute hardest part of this workout was the cardio. I love lifting weights but boy oh boy, the running then lifting then running again and then lifting again was killer. I feel bad for the girl that was in there with me because she probably had to hold her breath! That’s right, I was drenched in sweat and exhausted. It was beautiful because I truly believe this: I love motivational quotes for working out. They all seem so cliche’ but yet they are all so true (to me). I read them and I sit here going “yeah! omg that’s so true! yes! yes! omg yes!” It really is quite funny when you think about it. I do really believe that if you leave the gym looking pretty, your workout probably isn’t doing you any good. Step up to the challenge and make it hurt because if it doesn’t hurt it is a waste of time. That’s what I had to keep telling myself every time I thought about quitting. I would find thoughts creeping in my head like “oh…you worked out hard and it was painful, but you can do the WHOLE workout next time. Ease your way into it.” NO, JANELLE! Keep going. Finish the workout in it’s entirety and only then will you push yourself to the limit enough to feel proud of yourself when you walk out of this fitness center. ONLY then will you get the results you want. It worked. I finished. It hurt and I smelled bad and I feel sorry for that girl in the little corner of a fitness center in our housing development, but it was worth it. Now, do I want to do it all over again today? Absolutely not….but I’m going to!



Anti-Hibernation Mode: Day 1

As you read, you  may wonder why I chose this topic so I will explain that here. First of all, I hope that in addition to possibly motivating others, I will be holding myself accountable publicly for my actions. I enjoy discussing health and fitness with others and consider it to be a bit of a hobby. I like helping people find what works for them and I love the results I get from working out on a regular basis. Right now, this is something that is happening with me. I am unhappy with myself right now for several reasons. The first reason being that I am the heaviest I have been in about 3-4 years (aside from having a baby which I don’t count). Granted, I am not “heavy” by any means, but I have a little more junk in my trunk than usual. The other reason is that I am a little disappointed in myself for letting myself get to the point where I feel like I need to do something and I need to do something fast! I have dedicated the last 5 years or so to being fit. The day I looked at the scale and it read “155” about 6 months (give or take) into my marriage and cried. My poor husband ran back to the gym to make sure the scale was correct. I love him for doing that. That was my turning point. I vowed to do something about my health and my body and take matters into my own hands. He deployed that winter and when he came back, I was about 20lbs lighter. I continued to lose weight until I finally surpassed my goal weight of 125 at 123lbs……then I got pregnant (which we always joked I would). Since having my son 2.5 years ago I did make it back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but as life would have it, I’ve been up and down a lot and recently, I personally feel as if it’s getting out of control again.

It’s no secret that I enjoy an active lifestyle. When I lived in New Jersey just a few months ago and played super mom: working full time, being a student 3/4 of the time and being a mom/wife full time, I also added a frequent and rigorous gym routine to my schedule. I found a way to do this that did not intrude on my mommy/wifely duties. Instead of taking time before or after work to go to the gym, I was fortunate enough to be able to hit it up on my lunch break. This worked for a few different reasons. I worked with children, so they never cared how I looked or what I smelled like for that matter! Also, I had an hour lunch break and the gym was less than five minutes away. Finally, I got served lunch with the kids so I never had to worry about being hungry if I didn’t have time to pack a lunch! So, you might be asking yourself: “Where is this going?” Well, it’s pretty simple really…I am enjoying staying home SO much that I am not even close to the fitness level that I enjoy. The gym is not right around the corner on my lunch break and we haven’t had a lot of extra money with me not working to go out and spend on a gym membership…even then, there’s so much going on in my evenings between dinner and getting my two year old ready for bed that the will to work out seems to take a backseat. I like structure in my workout. I love having a plan and a goal and while I’ve had a general goal: tone up and lose a few pounds. I just need to get in the groove and the rest will take care of itself because I know once I’m there, I’m there.

So I’ve been looking for a “quick fix” and believe me, there aren’t many of those out there…especially for those of us who only have a few pounds to lose and toning up to do. What makes it harder is that the changes are sometimes so minute that it’s discouraging. I know, skinny girl problems…you can stop rolling your eyes now. My point is, I know if I find something to give me some results in a fairly short amount of time then I will be more motivated and get in my “groove” and ultimately feel better about myself. This is a good thing.

Fall is just around the corner and I refuse to enter hibernation mode…I’m pretty sure I’ve been doing that all summer! This move has been so exciting and there are so many new and yummy foods to try…and unfortunately my husband loves Pizza hut and there are several within our delivery radius!

So today marks Day 1 of 21 days of my most recent fitness experiment. In the next 21 days I am hoping to lose just 5 of the 10 total pounds I would like to lose. However, if I lose just 3 I will feel successful. I’m pretty excited to try this program out as I know it’s going to be pretty difficult. If you’d like to try it you can find it here. The most difficult part will be the cardio portion of doing interval training for 20 minutes straight. I am experienced at High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), but I usually do 30 seconds to 1 minute of high intensity followed by about 3-4 minutes of low intensity. This program involves rotating 1 minute of high and 1 minute of low intensity. Immediately following your cardio session is a weight circuit of about 5 exercises, 20 reps each and then…the clincher…another set of cardio training 5 minutes high intensity and 5 minutes of low intensity. Repeat the weight circuit one more time and it’s all over. The great thing is…this is a 4 day a week workout so I have three “off” days in which I will probably walk the dog or something…or just run for fun. Another thing that’s great about this program is that there are only two different workouts. The cardio is the same everyday and the only thing that changes is Workout A is upper body and Workout B is lower body. Perfect. Easy to remember and after the first 2 days, I should be able to just go in and get it done. Another thing that is appealing about this program is that you don’t need a lot of equipment. In fact, if you are lucky enough to actually own a treadmill or some sort of cardio equipment, all you need are some dumbbells  and you’re set!

Cardio, Cardio, Cardio. Bleck!

For those who are interested, I will post my measurements below:

Weight: 135 (Midday)

Waist: 32″

Hip: 34.75″

Thigh: 21.5″

Arms: 10.5″

Chest: 32″

This is not easy for me to post because I am not so happy with those numbers, but it’s more motivation to improve. I will post a before and after photo on day 21. Wish me luck!